Thursday, September 3, 2009

Recycling,Reusing and Remembering

I am seized by the desire to craft. It's getting a little out of hand. You can see evidence of this for yourself at www. I have been gathering supplies, writing down ideas, cruising the library and bookshops for free and cheap old books and magazines, and yes, actually also crafting . I have been admittedly cutting corners here at home. I mean, if some frozen food or a delivered pizza are going to let me work on my projects a little longer, so be it! Clothes go unfolded and put away less frequently and my son is watching a bit too much television these days.But I have been prolific and the muse is upon me. Of course, I am blessed to have such a wonderfully self entertaining Son and understanding Husband. I am lucky to be able to ride these crests of activity only because of them.

Today though, I just couldn't walk by the pile of papers on the kitchen counter, or the dirty dishes or the voice of my boy asking me what we were going to do today. So, I stopped. Hand-in-hand we walked to the park and played there for a long time. It was a priceless day and I was so glad I had heard him.

Later, I caught up on my housework after dinner and watched a movie with my Husband before bed. Unlike my Son, my Husband will not always come right out and ask for my attention. I have to remember that he needs me, too. It feels good actually, to know I'm so important to others.

Balance is a good thing and I am constantly working on bringing it all together to try and be the Mother, Wife, Sister,Daughter, Friend and Crafty Woman I want to be. Best job I ever had, this is!