Monday, September 28, 2009

And now for something brand new.....

 In addition to all the things I have been listing in my Etsy shop, I have also been surfing all the other shops and sellers on Etsy as well. 
 I had been seeing these fantastic looking pendants made from small squares of glass and was very curious about them. How were they made and more importantly could I make them? By now you know that for me to pick up a new craft, being inexpensive is the most important thing. That is why when I found a Kit containing everything I needed to make five Glass Tile Pendants for under $15.00 I was excited!

 I simply went on to Etsy and did a search for "Glass Tile Pendant Kits". There were a lot of choices and I went with one from Sun and Moon Craft Kits.   
 The transaction went smoothly and within two weeks my Kit was delivered. It was cleverly packaged in a cute Tin along with a little of everything I needed to get started.

 I have a love of all things Japanese so when I saw the beautiful little pendants I was hooked. The kit itself did not come with any instructions but they were sent to me via my email. I was skeptical at first, but I read the steps over a couple of times, and it went well.

 Here are some of the finished product .

  I cannot believe how satisfying these were to makeAnd they look so good (if I do say so myself!). So, I highly recommend checking out Etsy and all the crafting supplies they offer. 

     This is your year to make it a truly affordable and handmade Holiday!