Monday, December 7, 2009

 I am officially back to work.It is exciting to be out in the world again but it is also one more ball for me to juggle each day. With my new improved, even-busier-than-before schedule I have not had any time to volunteer in my son's first grade class this year. I was thinking about this and feeling guilty and disconnected from his school experience when I had a thought. Was there a way to volunteer and craft at the same time? Could I possibly do both and find the fulfillment I was seeking? Heck yes! 
 I approached my son's teacher with this idea and asked if there was any projects I could do at home for him. I happened to mention "cutting stuff out" and a huge smile appeared on his face. The teacher did in fact have "stuff" that needed a a pair of scissors wielded over it and he was very  glad I offered to do it.
 So, armed with a stack of card stock printed with flash cards and anagram pieces, some scissors and a cup of coffee, I settled in front of the television to "volunteer". When I finished I felt good about helping out and had gotten a bit of a crafting fix. The best of both worlds for me.
 I would urge any parent of a child in school that does not have the time to be in the classroom volunteering, to consider taking on some projects to do at home. The teacher was happy, my guilt was assuaged, crafting was accomplished and best of all my son was able to see that I was helping out. This is the best reason of all. Now he knows that his success in school is as important to me as my new job or my hobbies.