Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sticky Fingers

My fingers are coated with Mod Podge and I like it! Remember getting white glue all over your hands and fingers when you were a kid? (Highlight of the school day). Admit it, you loved peeling it off didn't you? Same thing with the Mod Podge on my fingers. Now, I get to relive my childhood and peel it all off.

Mod Podge is a water based sealant. It is easy to use, readily available and fairly inexpensive. It looks (and smells) like plain white glue but dries to wonderfully durable finish. Mod Podge comes in Gloss, Matte and I believe Glitter for different effects when Decoupaging. Try not to get the Mod Podge on any of your clothes or any fabrics. I know that it's water based and says it will wash out, it doesn't always hold true.
It works best to work with Mod Podge on a covered area. I also use those cheap little foam brushes you can find at just about any craft/art/office store. If you clean them as soon as your done crafting, they will last for quite awhile.

Or, you can just use your fingers!! Have fun getting crafty and sticky today!!